The great photo booth: from Warhol to Kardashian

In 2001 , the photo booth regained popularity thanks to the French film “Amélie” . The protagonist of the movie, Amélie Poulin was a lover of these cabins, but certainly was not the only one. In cinema, art or fashion, from Warhol World to Karl Lagerfeld and many prominent celebrities, nobody can resist the charm of his photographs snapshots.

photo Booth
Amélie into the photo booth

Since its invention in early twentieth century by an american of russian origin, the photo booth has won a millions of fans around the world to this day. A machine designed to revolutionize our gaze, making it the predecessor of the real “selfie” the machine where the protagonists become “The Creators”. The curtain then becomes in to the curtain of our stage, as well as our gate to adventure.

For many artists including the surrealists in Paris or as the maximum exponent of Pop Art, Andy Warhol in the United States, it was a new way to create; it led to the democratization of the image, a new way to portray. Warhol created his image on the basis of photographs, the cabin much as Polaroid, he was fascinated, they were his madness.

Photo booth
Andy Warhol taking a “selfie”

He intent to express who he was through these photographs, realize a self-portrait that was offender, an element that also repeated his muse Edie Sedgwick, the first “it girl” of all times. Many of his serigraphs are made based on this type of photographs. The photo booth was a fundamental part of this new artistic movement.

At present photo booths seem no to have expiration date on our technological society, but they’re seeking their place in modern times. The phenomenon vintage has contributed to its appreciation as occurs also with the Polaroid Instant cameras. Maybe this whole ocean is product of nostalgia or of the beautiful snapshots that it produces.

These romantic cabins have witnessed special moments of miles in the lives of many characters, passionate kisses, betrothals and pregnancy announcements, are some of the scenes that have seen thousands of booths along the time all around the world.

Celebrities, as it can’t be otherwise, has also joined in several occasions to this trend. Since some editions of the party after the Oscars awards in which this machine is present making the picture.

But calm! Fortunately, we’re lucky, the rest of us, that do not have the celebrity status, can also enjoy them.

photobooth, photo booth, snapchat
Kim Kardashian’s first Snapchat photo

In 2015, we are more than used to the “selfies”. Since the Pope Francisco until Kim Kardashian, none have been able to resist the charms of the self-portrait of the XXI century, even Kim has decided to launch to sale a book collecting its selfies more memorable. Although this would be the of reality of our time it is worth mentioning that earlier, Elvis Presley, Audrey Hepburn and former President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his wife Jackie, could not be kept outside the magic photo booth.

Photo Booth, Snapchat
Pope Francisco and a fan taking a “selfie”

After everything we’ve talked about it, have you not been totally seduced? Are you planning an event? Have you thought that the photo booth might be a good idea? Most definitely YES, you’re right. In recent times there has been increased demand for machinery in many types of events, from weddings to corporate events. This is an original initiative that would get everyone happy.

It is an original way to take a souvenir of that day, something different than a photographer who goes from table to table. Inside the cabin, you will be totally free to put the funniest face you can think without fear of photographer thinks you’ve been victim of a stroke. If you’re convinced that you want a photo booth at the next event you have to organize, you will have to find a company engaged in renting this machinery. If you live in Cancun or elsewhere in the Riviera Maya, you’re in luck because you can find the photo booth without problems. If you live elsewhere, look online to find the closest to you.

photobooth, photo booth
Photo booth strip by Photofacebooth

There are different types of cabins, so you have to choose the one that suits your expectations. The ideal is to provide maximum services so that they can cover the needs of the guests. Therefore it is important to note what brings each photo booth that is placed in an event. It is important to have staff able to assist the guests. You can decide if you want your cabin has a curtain or not, depending on your preferences, the green screen is used to set the background if you want your photos to make it more fun. These are some of the things you should know before hiring a service.

To make the evening fun can include costumes, props and so many fun stuffs.

photo booth, photobooth, cancun, photofacebooth, events
Photo booth strip by Phoofacebooth

For sure it is an experience that guarantees fun for all participants; an original way to get the party started that gains more followers each day. Are you going to lose it? What are you waiting for?